Public Sector

Multi-faceted institutions carry their own set of complexities and challenges, such as interacting with cross-functional agencies and handling governmental support. When dealing with the many layers and demands of schools, counties, or cities, outsourcing IT services can be a perfect way to relieve pressure and focus on maintaining the central responsibilities of the organization.

K-12 Education

Comprehensive IT support services can create a backdrop against which traditional and technical learning is easily conducted.

Keep education the top priority. Rather than letting insufficient technological support distract from learning, superior IT can be the foundation for streamlined education, with fewer upsets and confusion and more access than ever before.

Enhance instruction. Superior IT services can enhance instruction on every level. The new age of technology calls for education that facilitates the needs of the coming generations. More than ever before, comprehension of technology and its potential is essential for children of every age.

Safe access. With great power comes great responsibility, but we provide a way for students to learn that in a controlled environment, setting up firewalls, content filtering, and mobile device management.

Secondary Education

Universities blend traditional structure with highly technical systems, so it’s necessary for those programs to be as supportive—and supported—as possible.

Answering a 24/7 demand. Professors and students alike keep highly irregular hours, when they interact with online learning systems, research academic topics, communicate with peers, and more. Keeping up with this level of traffic and delivering solutions calls for a large team with wide availability.

Higher security. The more accessible the systems and infrastructure, the more susceptible they are. Solid Network can protect against threats of cyber intrusion, protecting student and university data while also helping to ensure compliance.

On-demand scalability. In accordance to the varied needs of college life, enlist our help less often in the middle of summer and much, much more often during mid-terms and finals. No need to worry about year round staffing, use us only when you need us.

Change is the only constant in the reality of technology. Solid Network stays abreast of every instance of evolution in order to deliver the most modern assistance to your organization. For us, the learning never ends, and we commit to staying always ahead of the curve and at the top of the class when it comes to experienced IT services.

County or City

Local government agencies can also benefit from partnering with experienced IT professionals, funneling their technology needs through a reliable source to improve every facet of their operations.

Streamlined and simplified. Outsourced IT services centralize important processes, enhance community experience, and offer greater connectivity. Network access around common areas is improved with follow-up support for high-traffic snags.

Increased effectiveness. One central network and unified communications solution enables a city or county government to enhance the services they provide to the community. Superior technology means greater share-ability of information, which facilitates quicker decision-making and improves interactions.

Improved security. In addition to superior defense techniques, central IT services allow quicker reactions in case of emergency. Video surveillance and real-time information can be easily accessible to essential parties, contributing to greater security and better informed authorities.

The delivery of essential public services like those provided by your city or your county calls for the most sophisticated IT support available. Solid Networks can provide that, calling upon years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the systems at hand.