Data Centers

Solid Networks can assist you with data center infrastructure upgrade or replacement programs to support the growing demands of higher performance and availability.

As the Central Valley’s leader in information technology, Solid Networks can help you to get the most out of your current IT investments. Solid Networks can assist you with data center infrastructure upgrade or replacement programs to support the growing demands of higher performance and availability.

  • Slash skyrocketing cooling costs
  • Increase performance density
  • Simplify infrastructure management through virtualization and consolidation
  • Centralize and simplify system management
  • Increase IT infrastructure performance and reliability

Our team of experts can help your data center managers plan and implement upgrades to support blade server environments, including:

  • Power conditioning-UPS and generator
  • Cooling for high density data centers
  • 10 GB networking
  • High density computing solutions

Solid Networks can work with you to review your business goals and ensure the right technologies are in place to help your business succeed. Plus, Solid Networks’ simplified approach and cost-effective pricing make it easy for small and medium businesses to leverage the resources of an enterprise-class IT department.



Plan to Succeed with Solid Networks

You put a lot of planning and expense into optimizing the performance of your technology. Don’t take chances when it’s time to add new servers, replace older machines or accommodate a major expansion of your infrastructure. Let Solid Networks help you plan ahead to ensure efficient, affordable implementation and smooth, seamless transition with your next project.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in California’s Central Valley, Solid Networks specializes in cost-effective solutions. Our talented team of expert engineers utilizes their extensive experience to ensure quick and accurate implementation the first time, every time. We bring unparalleled expertise to every project.



Key Benefits of Solid Networks’ Data Center Services Program Elements

There are many important factors that must be considered in data center design to ensure scalability, efficiency and avoid wasted dollars. Sufficient power capacity to support growth, adequate cooling to guarantee peak performance and maximize life expectancy of servers, as well as appropriate equipment selection to reduce the potential for hot spots or airflow disruption, to name just a few. Data center services from Solid Networks and HP help you evaluate your environment and understand how to use your resources more efficiently. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the data center combined with HP’s extensive resources can help ensure that your facility meets your current and future requirements. We offer:

  • Data Center Assessment Service: Solid Networks’ experts perform a thorough review and analysis of your facility’s infrastructure. The assessment report will indicate any risks or deficiencies discovered, including prioritized recommendations based on industry experience, generally accepted standards, engineering and operational best practices.
  • ¬†Thermal Quick Assessment Service: More processing, storage and networking capacity in your data center means more energy and heat. The HP Thermal Quick Assessment Service, delivered by Solid Networks, provides a first-tier survey of your data center’s cooling capacity. It combines both interviews with your staff and in-depth observations of your data center cooling environment. You’ll learn how much “room for growth” already exists, and get preliminary recommendations on necessary steps for preparing for future processing density increases.
  • Data Center Site Planning Service: When you are ready to add new computing assets to your data center, Solid Networks will provide a site preparation audit including installation and service space verification, power distribution analysis, and a detailed cooling system analysis. This information will help you decide where to install your new equipment and will help avoid unanticipated infrastructure shortcomings that might otherwise detract from the success of your expansion project.



Plan to Succeed with Solid Networks

Solid Networks offers a comprehensive suite of Professional and Managed Services to businesses of all sizes throughout California and Nevada. We work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, and develop customized solutions that deliver the greatest possible benefits in performance and productivity. Call Solid Networks for business technology including:

  • Virtualization
  • Unified communications
  • Power and cooling
  • Cloud services
  • Unified communications
  • Network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Network upgrades and administration
  • Application migrations, server administration and hosting
  • Application migrations, server administration and hosting
  • Desktop optimization, monitoring and management