Virtualization Services

Virtualization solutions can help your company break out of a growth-constraining IT model by allowing you to run multiple applications on just one physical server.

Does your business still follow the old “one application, one server” model? If it does, then as much as 70% of your IT budget could be going to just maintaining your existing infrastructure rather than effectively leveraging it to promote business growth and innovation.

Virtualization solutions from Solid Networks and HP can help your company break out of that growth-constraining IT model by allowing you to run multiple applications on just one physical server. Virtualization reduces hardware acquisition and operating costs, which benefits your bottom line. It improves information availability and collaboration among your employees-helping your company to operate more efficiently and enabling you to devote more time to growing your business.

  • Virtualization Services from Solid Networks and HP include:
  • Server virtualization and consolidation to minimize costs and reduce sprawl
  • Virtual desktop integration (VDI) to improve information flow and efficiencies
  • Virtualization-aware storage to simplify management of virtual machines
  • Unified computing to optimize integration and centralize management

As the Central Valley’s leader in information technology and network systems, Solid Networks is a recognized expert in the newest and most cost-effective solutions, custom-designed to meet the needs of your business. Solid Networks will partner with you to review your business goals and ensure the right technology is in place to help your business succeed. Solid Networks’ simplified approach and pricing make it easy for businesses to leverage the resources of an enterprise class IT department.



Plan to Succeed with Solid Networks

You put a lot of planning and expense into optimizing the performance of your business. Plan ahead with solutions and services from Solid Networks that have been designed with your business objectives in mind. Let us help you take the next step by leveraging the power of virtualization to reduce costs, optimize performance and efficiencies, and deliver measurable results to your company’s bottom line.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in California’s Central Valley, Solid Networks specializes in cost-effective solutions. Our talented team of expert engineers utilizes their extensive experience to ensure quick and accurate implementation the first time, every time. We bring unparalleled expertise to every project.



Key Benefits of Solid Networks’ Virtualization Services

Consolidation and virtualization of your infrastructure can enable your business to achieve total cost of ownership savings through:

  • Reductions in capital expenses
  • Savings in energy consumption
  • Savings in systems administration
  • Significant gains in data center power capacity
  • Reduction in server edge infrastructure



Virtualization Services Program Elements

Virtualization solutions from HP and Solid Networks can help your company use its existing IT resources more efficiently by accessing previously underutilized processing and storage capacity. From the desktop to the data center, Solid Networks provides virtualization solutions that can help you “work smarter” without unneeded technology investments.

  • Efficient Desktop Virtualization: Break free from the “one PC per user” paradigm by replacing underutilized desktop computers with inexpensive thin client devices. The user’s experience remains the same, but all the processing and storage takes place on a small pool of optimized back-office servers.
  • Improved Server Virtualization: Run more jobs on fewer servers. Virtualization reclaims idle processor time so each machine does more work with fewer wasted cycles.
  • Enhanced Storage Virtualization and Consolidation: Using storage more efficiently means needing fewer storage devices. Storage virtualization creates a pool of capacity from your existing devices, so devices don’t go underutilized.



Building Smarter Businesses

Desktop, server and storage virtualization can also advance your business’ efforts to guard against data loss and business disruption, as well as facilitate disaster recovery and business continuity. In addition to reducing hardware expenses, virtualization also helps your employees collaborate more effectively. Now every user can access all the applications and information they need, directly from their desktop. That makes sharing easier and allows teams and task groups to work together regardless of time or location.

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